Festival 2016 Overview

StAnza 2016 took take place from: 2-6 March, 2016 in St Andrews, Scotland

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Festival Themes

Each year, StAnza focuses on two themes which weave around each other to give every festival its own unique flavour. Our themes for StAnza 2016 were City Lines, and Body of Poetry.

In the first we looked at urban verse, and how poetry engages with city life and connects cities. For Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, we designed a festival programme which celebrated architecture and explored how poetry can engage literally, metaphorically and environmentally with our built environment. Both in discussions and creatively, we asked how poetry can help people build personal and public creative spaces. Our second theme, Body of Poetry, embraced the many ways in which poetry celebrates and explores human and other bodies, literally and metaphorically, looking at their needs and appetites, strengths and weaknesses. And in an innovation for 2016, we also had our first dedicated translated language focus with a strand of events showcasing German poetry.

For our 19th annual festival the international line-up of poets, artists, musicians, writers and film-makers listed below who featured in this year's programme included some of today’s leading names from the UK and exciting newer voices. They were joined by poets from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Canada and the USA who come together to deliver around 100 readings, performances and discussions, and music and film events, along with workshops and a plethora of other opportunities to get involved. Our programme offered something for everyone, from Breakfast at the Poetry Café to late night events in the café bar.

StAnza 2016 : 2 - 6 March : Gallery

Photographs from the festival, thanks to all our photographers.

Headline Poets:

Pascale Petit
Don Paterson
Lemn Sissay
Nora Gomringer
Jane Yolen
Thomas Lynch 
Jo Bell
Jo Shapcott
Matthew Sweeney
Sean O'Brien
Andrew McMillan
Fiona Benson
John Burnside


The Accidentals
Zia Ahmed
Katie Ailes
Darran Anderson
James Arthur
Stephan-Maria Aust
Janette Ayachi
Aileen Ballantyne
Meg Bateman
Jo Bell
Henry Bell
Fiona Benson
Aase Berg
Clare Best
Clive Birnie
Sharon Black
Lana Bode
Malika Booker
Pat Borthwick
Rita Bradd
Gavin Bryce
Gale Burns
Alison Burns
John Burnside
Gerry Cambridge
Frances Cooper
Harriet Creelman
Anna Crowe
Martyn Crucefix
Claudia Daventry
Christine De Luca
Michael Donhauser
Jane Draycott
S.J. Fowler
Jemima Foxtrot
Sophie Gainsley
Anne Gilchrist
Nora Gomringer
Matthew Griffiths
Tracey Herd
Joan Hewitt
Sarah Holland-Batt
The Inklight Poets
Jessica Johannesson Gaitán
Brian Johnstone
Lucy Jones
Russell Jones
Margaret Jull Costa
Odile Kennel
Bridget Khursheed
Valerie Laws
Joan Lennon
Kirsten Luckins
Thomas Lynch
Gillebrìde Mac IlleMhaoil
Lindsay Macgregor
Hilke MacIntyre
Magz Macleod
Harry Man
Susan Mansfield
Angus Martin
Aurélie Maurin
Ellen McAteer
Kevin Mclean
Katherine McMahon
Andrew McMillan
George Nakhutsrishvili
Joanna Nicholson
Mary Noonan
Selina Nwulu
Sean O'Brien
Past Poets 2016
Don Paterson
Nalini Paul
Walter Perrie
Pascale Petit
Ellen Phethean
Chris Powici
Julia Prescott
Alan Riach
David Robakidze
Sitar Rose
Mark Russell
Philipp Scholz
Daniela Seel
Jo Shapcott
Rebecca Sharp
Lemn Sissay
Grant Snider
Justin Stephenson
Jim Stewart
Anne Stokes
Donna Stonecipher
Em Strang
Emma Sutton
Matthew Sweeney
Judith Taylor
Paul Tebble
The Blueswater
Frances Thorburn
Samuel Tongue
James Turnbull
Scott Tyrrell
Kate Valentine
Rúni Weihe
Colin Will
Ross Wilson
Heike Winter
Jane Yolen
James Yorkston

* Programme may  have been adjusted prior to tickets going on sale

Venues: The Byre Theatre – Auditorium, Studio Theatre, Conference Room and foyers, St John’s Undercroft, Parliament Hall, St Mary's Hall, The Town Hall - Supper Room & Council Chamber, The Public Library, the Preservation Trust Museum, The Green Room, Zest, Fraser Gallery and others to be announced.

Funding for 2016

StAnza was funded by Creative Scotland, EventScotland and Fife Council and supported by the University of St Andrews, the Goethe-Institut, StayInStAndrews and St Leonards.