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Four images: top left Seamus Heaney talking on stage to another white man; bottom left, a 30-year-old white woman putting up a StAnza pop up; top right a stylised drawing of a fish; bottom right, a young-ish black woman talking into a mic
Fri 26 March

A Call for StAnza Trustees

StAnza, Scotland’s unique international poetry festival, is looking for new members to join the Board of Trustees. Having delivered a very successful online festival this year, StAnza is at an...

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Can the shape and nature of Scotland be drawn entirely in poetry?

no. 393

On Gillies Hill, by Irene Paterson Fletcher

More than familiar ties
attract me to this crag.
Ancestral voices drag me back.

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Poems for All : Scattered Like Seeds

Based in California, Poems-For-All has also taken root in Scotland.
We’ve been scattering like seeds little books of poetry for the last
several years, including at StAnza.

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“Throughout life I have often seemed to arrive in places where the general consensus is that the golden days are over. Very glad to see that is not the case with my first trip to StAnza. I had a fantastic time and met a raft of fine people.”
Tammy Adams