Book Week Scotland

Thursday 15 October 2020

The evenings are drawing in and the nights are getting longer, which can only mean one thing: Book Week Scotland is almost upon us! This year the annual celebration of books and reading takes place from 16 - 22 November, and here at StAnza we've commissioned a rather special project to mark the occasion.

THIS is an interactive poetry reading, created by Steve Smart and Rebecca Sharp and formed around Rebecca Sharp’s original poem of the same name. Bringing poetry together with sound, visual art and digital media, the work playfully asks what the reader brings to the experience of reading and what they receive in return.

THIS is a piece of exploration, of curiosity and of hope – but it’s also a piece which holds back from offering solid ‘answers’. At the end of a year of uncertainty, THIS reminds readers that not knowing is OK, and that we’re all doing the same, underneath the skin of things. The piece playfully demonstrates the ability of poetry to present intricate and elusive ideas, images and feelings for interaction and transformative experience.

You can access THIS here, just scroll down to the 'About THIS' section, and click on 'Begin THIS'.

If your curiousity is whetted, then don't miss our Meet the Artists event with Steve and Rebecca on Saturday 21 November from 16:00 to 16:45. Join us hear readings from Rebecca and Steve, including the piece which THIS is built around, as well as to learn more about their collaboration and how the installation came to be.  To attend the Meet the Artist, which will take place by Zoom, please email

Meantime, happy reading!