Bridging the Continental Divide

Wednesday 15 April 2015

dps_open_volAs part of StAnza’s collaboration with the Bridging the Continental Divide project for the translation of neo-Latin Scottish poetry, three Scottish poets were commissioned to produce their own versions of poems from David McOmish’s translations into English and the various versions of the poems with related images were shown as a digital installation at StAnza entitled Bridging the Time Divide. For this Rab Wilson produced his version of 'On the Marriage of Dear Carr to his Beloved Girl' by Robert Ayton (or Aytoun), JL Williams produced two versions of 'On the Eclipse of the Sun in the year 1597' by Andrew Melville, and Robert Crawford produced his version of Thomas Maitland’s 'A Jest against Gallus the cuckold'.

Here’s another chance to see the PDF icon Bridging the Contental Divide installation.pdf installation, by clicking on this pdf version.

PDF icon Bridging the Contental Divide installation.pdf

You can also listen here to audio files of Rab Wilson and JL Williams reading their own versions and the original neo-Latin versions (two separate audio files by Rab Wilson, and one audio file with Latin and English versions by JL Williams), and we hope shortly to add here a link to an audio file of Robert Crawford reading his version.

On the Marriage of Dear Carr, by Rab Wilson

On the Marriage of Dear Carr, original Latin version read by Rab Wilson

Through Man Does Woman Shine/On the Eclipse of the Sun