Call It Ours, by Desree

Friday 31 July 2020

Call It Ours, by Desree - a StAnza Micro Commission

(c) Moses Baako

Artist's Statement: "From ‘Dulce et decorum est’ to ‘I can’t breathe’, Call It Ours takes the viewer on a journey. Panning through moments in our history, it looks at times when words were truly needed, igniting minds and warming hearts in the darkness. Poetry has always captured feelings so perfectly, and enabled stories to be carried down through the generations, from parents and teachers to children and scholars. Using archival footage, this work celebrates times past and present, following history and on into these unprecedented times."

Desree is a spoken word artist, playwright, producer and facilitator. Also a TEDx speaker, Desree has featured at events around the world, including Glastonbury Festival, Royal Albert Hall and New York Poetry.