The SPL at StAnza 2012: Lavinia Greenlaw

Tuesday 4 September 2012, 18:55

StAnza’s Poet in Residence for 2012, Lavinia Greenlaw, delivered a series of memorable events. Here’s another chance to hear from the prize-winning poet when Ryan Van Winkle caught up with her at StAnza.

A Scottish Poetry Library podcast produced by Colin Fraser, with music by Ewen Maclean.

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The SPL at StAnza 2012: Hilary Menos

Tuesday 4 September 2012, 18:55

Hilary Menos was an early highlight of this year’s festival. While she was in town, Ryan Van Winkle heard more from this rising poet from the South West.

A Scottish Poetry Library podcast produced by Colin Fraser, with music by Ewen Maclean.

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The SPL at StAnza 2012: Martin Figura

Tuesday 4 September 2012, 18:39

Whistle, Martin Figura’s depiction of a post-war British childhood using poetry, family photographs and striking visuals, was a highlight of StAnza 2012. While Martin was in St Andrews, he chatted with Ryan Van Winkle.

A Scottish Poetry Library podcast produced by Colin Fraser, with music by Ewen Maclean.

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StAnza's Digital Slam winner: Kevin P. Gilday

Friday 20 July 2012, 13:00

When Kevin P. Gilday (pictured) emerged from the fabulous array of performances on the shortlist to be voted the winner of our inaugural Digital Slam, we were intrigued. It turns out that Kevin, who lives in Glasgow, is a relative newcomer to performance poetry, and he was both surprised and delighted to win.

In the first of our Digital Slam showcases, we've embedded his winning performance below, plus another, and we've asked Kevin to tell us a few things about himself and his work. As he explains, his background in music has been a great help in developing his poetry – and he has certainly been busy!

"I was introduced to the world of performance poetry by a friend just under a year ago, previous to that I had been performing some of my early pieces as a mid-set break during the live performances of an electronic band I was involved in. From there I made tentative steps into Glasgow's performance poetry scene and, I'm delighted to say, was greeted and embraced by the many talented veterans on the circuit. My poetry is still developing but already I feel as if my style has a myriad of recognisable traits. My subject matter is often the minutiae of working class life in modern Britain – the situations, relationships and thoughts that define a generation of directionless twenty-somethings. Stylistically I take as much from contemporary music as I do from established poets – the lyrics of The Fall's Mark E. Smith and Why?'s Yoni Wolf being especially influential.

"Since then I've released Graphite, a hybrid album of spoken word and avant garde pop, I've composed poems to be used in the screenplay for a film entitled Mother (due to be filmed later this year in Estonia by Factotum Films), as well as taking poetry to the live music scene – doing full length sets as support for established bands at such venues as The Captain's Rest and The Art School.

"I'm hoping that winning the StAnza Digital Slam will help build momentum and open up opportunities to take my work to a larger audience. Once again my sincere thanks to StAnza for including me amongst such an immensely talented shortlist and to everyone that voted for myself and the other artists listed."

Here is Kevin's winning Digital Slam performance:

And another of Kevin's performances:

More of Kevin's work can be found on his Tumblr and Facebook pages; his album Graphite can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp.

Kevin's next live performance will be on the Spoken Word Stage at this year's Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival, which takes place on 24th–26th August.


Our thanks once again to everyone who entered the slam, and to all those who followed and voted. Look out for more on the Digital Slam in the next few weeks.

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Roll up and vote in the StAnza Digital Slam

Friday 13 July 2012, 10:58

Photo by Long Nguyen

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls, poets and spoken word artists, welcome one and all to the StAnza Digital Slam 2012!

The StAnza judges have worn out their headphones and risked clinical screen-burn to whittle down the wonderful entries to a shortlist of the crème de la crème of internet poetry performances.

The diversity and quality of the entries was staggering. Poems of all shapes and sizes were recorded in bike sheds, forests, graveyards, underneath towers, in front of live audiences, and in recording studios. Poets ranging from their teens to their sixties, award-winning to unpublished, and in a variety of languages, sent in entries from as far away as Denmark and the USA, and as close to home as St Andrews itself.

Entries have been scored by a panel of judges for Content and Performance to produce the shortlist you can see in alphabetical order below – but the overall winner will be decided by you!

After you've watched all the entries, scroll down find to find the voting widget where you can show your support for the poet/spoken word artist you think should win.

Shortlisted slammers - yes, you are allowed to vote for yourself.

Without further ado, the shortlist!

1. Jo Bell - The Shipwright's Love Song

2. Kareem Parkins Brown (Kuaint) - Grey Gang


3. Kevin P. Gilday - The Vision (Jesus of Possil)

4. Harry Giles - Panic

5. Elspeth Murray and Richard Medrington - The Ambassador's Lament

6. Tila and Tavelah Robinson - The Twins

7. Anthony Robson - Wailing Daily

8. Edwin de Voigt - Planeet Nu

9. Tony Walsh (Longfella) - A Girl, Like, Y'Know

10. Donnie Welch - Hawaiian Shirts

11. JL Williams - The Library

12. Chris Young - The Minotaur


Thanks to everyone who took part!

Click here for the results.

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The Digital Slam shortlist will be here tomorrow at noon: look, listen and vote!

Thursday 12 July 2012, 19:58

Yes, we are only one sleep away (here in Scotland at any rate) from finding out who has reached the shortlist in our Digital Slam. Tomorrow at noon, BST we will post the names and links here. If you entered, now's the chance to find out if you made the list.

And this is when our online audience gets involved.  Now it's over to you to look, listen and vote for your favourite.  The voting takes place over the weekend, closing at midday on Monday 16th July, BST.  The lucky winner will be announced shortly after, when the votes have been counted.  Wherever you are, you can follow this event on Twitter via @StAnzaPoetry and/or #DigitalSlam

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