Live Webcasts from StAnza

Sunday 4 March 2018

StAnza 2018 starts on Wednesday 7 March. If you can’t be there every day, or can’t make it at all this year, I’m glad to say there are other ways you can still get some of StAnza.

We plan once again to have live webcasts of four events this year, the three Poetry Breakfast events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10.00 UK time, and also our new Poetry Café Plenary on Sunday at 20.00 UK time. We will have the link to view the webcast on each of these event pages, and also on our home page, and on Facebook, and you'll find it here as well.

Here is the link, but it will only work during the events being webcast.

Here are the links to the events.

Friday 9 March, 10.00 - Breakfast at the Poetry Cafe; panel discussion

Saturday 10 March, 10.00 - Breakfast at the Poetry Cafe; panel discussion

Sunday 11 March, 10.00 - Breakfast at the Poetry Cafe; panel discussion

Sunday 11 March, 20.00 - Poetry Cafe Festival Plenary Session

More informally, we’ll also try to share some of the festival with Facebook Live.

If you haven’t yet bought your tickets, why not do so today. If the Poetry Centre Stage events sell out, we shall have them live-streamed to the Studio Theatre to accommodate the overflow audience. If you haven’t got your accommodation sort d yet, there are still some rooms available, check this out through

However, there are also lots of free events, including this year, our opening night Poetry Extravaganza, with short readings from 11 poets, including Sinéad Morrissey, Michael Symmons Roberts, John Glenday and Rita Ann Higgins, some of this year’s headliners, as well as glimpses of this year’s visual art and films. There will be music too from this year’s Special Guest Barbara Dickson who will open the festival, and also Hamish Hawk.

And if the snow is keeping you at home today, why not check out some of the reviews of newer books by poets coming to StAnza on the DURA page.

Stay warm, stay safe, and see you in St Andrews later this week!