Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 166: Wood of Cree


 'Sigh ~ a long, deep, audible breath . . .'

a slight breeze in little trees
a nibble of bark
an exhale of mist
a groan of leaves lying deep in the woods
the weightless touch of a feather
a handful of unspent sorrows
a lingering absence
the hoot of an owl
a tuft of mood and memory
quiet tones of umber
damp needles and slumber
a stream tasting of moss and stories
a sweet ache of lost blue
a blush of birdsong
a restless gust of crows
a faint breath of homeless wind
an echo of stag rut
the footprints of a fox
a keening of hilltop
a whisper of questioning
a little lichen on a rotting log
the wing of a butterfly clinging to its days
an ember of moon in the hush of the evening
a tang of tree sap and woodsmoke
a swirl of sodden petals
a whisp of fern
a psalm of lament
deep, long starlight
a sifting of cones under pines
a small dream
a sacred seeking


Renita Boyle

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