Poetry Map of Scotland, poem no. 194: Advocates Close, Edinburgh

Give or Take

Step on this ride
Give me an inch,
I’ll take you for miles
Dislocated by a smile
Hold my mind
Cast off credulity and climb up into
this urban playground
Architecturally designed
Discrete unique vistas
Stop the clock times
Rush past linea and marginalised
Really red hysteria
Blank white skies edged in
Socialism and romanticism
or blue collared lies in this
Old town’s crowded equilibrium
Conforming middle grounds
Miss the cocktail party at the
Carnival of fools
Brilliantly disguised
Living subtitled lives
Move onto birth marks
and beauty spots
Part-object, part-spirit
Along close Advocates Lane’s
Faint sound of bagpipes and
Falling angels through
Silver nitrate fireworks
Panoramic surprises
Let’s document this
Squeeze out of a sunrise
From our dilated pupils
Share a tear from our eyes.


Julie Hogg

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