Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 362

Glasgow Pride, 2017

Raindrops fall on neon faces
Colours run together
creating a crowd of tie dye delights
Glitter sticks stubbornly to skin
The dullness of the day
will not rid us of our sparkle 

We huddle together
L G B and T
A queer umbrella
shields us from the misery
and unites us under its bright banner 

On stage, four men
create magic
with their mouths 

Somewhere... over the rainbow
...blue birds fly  

melting over us 

And the dreams that you dare to dream
Oh why, oh why can't I? 

Lyrics echo, behind hopeful eyes
as old thoughts come caving in 

Why can't I
be normal?
Why can't I be straight? 

but we keep singing
Louder and louder
drowning out all that quiets us 

The music swells
as if to say 

Dare those dreams
Dare to love
You Choose. 

Almost in response,
the sky opens up
offering hope from behind the grey clouds 

A thousand faces seem to gaze up at once
Laughs and shouts ring out 

Laid bare before the eyes of the community,
like God themself was flying our flag 

A Rainbow! 

Beside me, a friend chuckles
and looks over, beaming 

Ha! she says
Maybe God doesn't hate us.  

Kirsty Anne Watters 

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