Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 370

Colours Of Glory

60,000 congregationers
gather at 3 pm
for Saturday devotions
and sometimes Sunday or Midweek services
at high noon or 7.45 of an evening
this is the place the faithful come to worship
the skills of those who wear the colours of glory
this is where we learn chapter and verse
the book of our story
the history and identity that moulds us
in to who we are and will remain
throughout the days of our lives
this is where we learned of lions who roared
in the heat of the Lisbon sun
and how we thought after defeating the might of Leeds
we would be crowned kings of Europe
for the second time in four years
till Feyenoord taught us the valuable lesson
that complacency kills dreams
in the home of the team we defeated
when we brought the big cup home to Scottish shores
this is so much more
than a sporting arena
it is and has been home to the artist, the thinker the dreamer
and brave and courageous leaders
this is not just a theatre of dreams
as some clubs claim their stadium to be
this is a temple where icons and legends were made
as Swedes, Slovakians, Bulgarians and Japanese
joined local bhoys to become heroes in the hoops
it's a place where experience meets youth
where generations have gathered together
to cheer the Celts and break the bread of friendship
share it with strangers and with kin
and win lose or draw to come home to paradise
to take our place in the palace of champions
as we answer the call to worship

Gayle Smith

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