Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 372

Scotland’s Honours

In 1651 England’s favourite son
chapped at Dunnottar Castle
door, seeking the Honours and
so much more. 

September to June 1652, that
Castle held out till Cromwell was
blue. The Regalia he sought had
been ghosted away and England
still rues it to this very day.

By stealth and great bravery the
honours were saved and buried
under a slab at a pulpit’s face.
In Kinneff’s old Church there it
lay that day, until 1660 when a
new King once more held sway.

When Charles II took to the throne,
Minister James Grainger took the
honours home. 

To Edinburgh Castle they went that
day, there once more to be proudly
displayed. The oldest honours that stand in this land, saved for the
nation by Dunnottar’s hands.

Kit Duddy

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