Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 374


We arrived in Shortlees in two thousand and eight
It was easy to get there
Not long to wait.
We lived next to this old bloke,
He was quite a character.

Caprington Avenue is very straight.
The Ayr Road at one end
Central Avenue at the other.
If you don’t slow down for the roundabouts
You’ll land yourself in bother.

The local ‘Community Centre’
is attached to the primary school.
As far as the community’s concerned,
it’s breaking all the rules!

It’s a big enough place when school is out
Of that there is no doubt
With rooms galore, and chairs, and stairs
And great big windows to look out
To watch anyone daft enough to go outside
On the field, in the rain
And kick a ball about...

Elaine Shade  

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