Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 403

stickleback inspector

tall reeds and sedges assemble
the loch unlades to its ally river
through rising, clinging mist

grey neck glimpsed by keen alert eyes
nearly hidden, but only nearly
statuesque in knee deep loch

peeking over long, spear like, neb
laser vision to the water
set to detect silver flashes

the imperceptible dip before the launch,
extension to a taller creature, water diamonds
sparkling, cascade back, to plenish the loch

shape shift from parasol to flapping cloak
a professor accentuating a point
casts a black shadow over the water

a flap, or two, maybe a glide
long legs trailing in flight
then undercarriage deployed

feet pushed forward, defence like,
articulated landing gear to the fore
settles by the opposite bank with nary a splosh

the stickleback inspector is changing her beat
stowing her cloak to parasol watch
stoic and Zen and Heron like

Ian McNeish

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