Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 406

Longniddry Bents

Along the Firth of Forth
Between the headland rocks
Are strands of sloping sand.
Above the beach, low dunes.
Below, a shimmering sea
Under a changing sky.

Now blue, now grey, the sky
Is mirrored in the Forth,
On the surface of the sea.
We walk across black rocks,
Across the grassy dunes
Along the length of sand.

Yellow and coal-black sand
Under a gusting sky
Creates the crumbling dunes
Now blowing back and forth.
Remains of shells and rocks
Ground down by rain and sea.

A child runs in the sea,
After playing on the sand.
On waves, white seabirds rock,
Then soar across the sky.
Wind surfers venture forth.
Cars cluster on the dunes.

Grey buckthorn on the dunes
Pewter, like the sea,
As rain drifts down the Forth,
And glistens on the sand
Beneath a glowering sky,
While water pools on rocks.

Molluscs cling to rocks,
Samphire webs the dunes,
Gulls hover in the sky
Then dive into the sea.
Our footprints in the sand
Have washed into the Forth.

Black rocks hem the sea,
Dunes are green above the sand,
A mobile sky colours the Forth.

Morwenna Griffiths

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