Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 409

As seen from Cannon Hill

Cannon Hill affords a panoramic view
Fields of green with sky and sea of blue
Rooftops clad in many coloured slate
Clouds all billowing t'wards their fate
The castle, built of sandy stone
Perhaps once a king sat on his throne
Great trees in various states of dress
Gently swaying to the wind's caress
Woolly sheep eat in huddled flocks
As the Arran ferry leaves the docks
Sunny Saltcoats shines like a new pin
In silence far from the madding din
A tiny winged and multicoloured moth
Heads for the turbines out to the north
Then, the wondrous sight of Irvine Bay
Shimmering at the very close of day
This and more as seen from Cannon Hill
Amazed me once and does so still.

Angus Shoor Caan

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