Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 411

Skye Has No Limit

“Highlands and Islands, we’re on our way”,
As Motorail dropped us at the break of day;
Our first time in Scotland, what would it bring?
At the first glimpse of scenery, hearts started to sing

We’d booked ourselves a remote spot on Skye,
Hoping the midges would not wish to fly;
By Kyle of Lochalsh and the winding coast road,
We finally arrived at our first night’s abode

In the lounge after dinner, we joined a sing-song,
Which turned quickly into a right old ding-dong;
Next day through our window, we saw part of the view
And it wasn’t too hard to decide what to do

“Let’s climb the hill”, was what we both said,
“The entire scene before us will soon then be spread”;
So steep was the climb that ten minutes was enough;
Yet still by then, we were all out of puff

The whole of Loch Snizort was there in full view,
The sunlight was dappling the waters so blue;
We could see where the loch entered into the sea,
The shape of the loch formed a slim letter V

“See that bird on the chimney, so far below?
“It’s not moved for ages, must have nowhere to go.”
Later we found why the bird had not flown…
‘Twas a well-crafted ornament, created from stone

“Do you hear that?” “Can’t hear a thing”.
“Exactly; around here, silence is king”
Tranquility such as we’d ne’er before known
Feels almost as if we’re completely alone

Next day, on the way to the big Harris ferry;
How much had we enjoyed the Isle? Very!
Our hopes for the rest of the trip were now high
But we already knew we’d return soon to Skye

Alan Richardson 

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