Poetry Map of Scotland: poem no. 414

Loch Voil Dance

slow trusting movements
sun on my face
my hand on yours
                                                                        guiding me through air
                                                                        through water
                                                                        eyes closed
river flowing
hands touching
following bodies
                                                                                                up and down
                                                                                                ebbing and flowing
                                                                                                feet on Earth

                                                spring green grass
                                                total trust

my hand on yours
deep sense of peace

                                                                                                your hand on mine
                                                                                                taking care

                                                slow body sways
                                                soft sweeping curves

lightness of steps
lightness of touch
contact so subtle
                                                heartbeat so fast
                                                direction unknown

feeling unsafe
afraid to go far
afraid of the speed

                                                as if in a storm
                                                I am calm

                                                                                    sun on your face
                                                                                    hands still for a moment

Loretta Mulholland

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