StAnza 2017 in word and image

Saturday 6 May 2017

It's hard to believe that two months have passed since this year's festival, with the words and images from those glorious days still vivid in our memories. A full Afterword will be coming shortly. Meantime, however, with thanks to all the photographers, journalists and bloggers who covered StAnza, we now have galleries of photographs from the festival for you to browse and links to a dazzling range of reviews and articles.  You can see selected favourite photographs from the festival at our Flickr Album for StAnza 2017, and the whole range of photographs taken which we've received so far on our Flickr photostream, if you want to browse some more. So enjoy the view, and then delve in to some of the thousands of words written about this year's festival.

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Article about Jean Portante on Luxembourg Radio

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Sightlines at StAnza

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Past & Present

Vicki Husband Blog

StAnza 2017 is officially launched!

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Saturday at StAnza: a coming together of fragments

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