StAnza 2018 in glorious images and words

Sunday 20 May 2018

Maud Vanhauwaert by David Vallis Photography

David Vallis Photography

As we move from spring to summer, it has given us such pleasure to find so many wonderful photographs from StAnza 2018, and to discover links to articles, videos and podcasts from this year’s very successful festival. In due course we’ll create an Afterword Page with these, but meantime I wanted to share some links. As the sun seems to have gone behind a cloud today, what better than a chance to look back at this year’s festival, and at some of its legacies.

We have been especially lucky this year to have multiple articles posted online by our StAnza 2018 Poet in Residence, the Gaelic/Scots poet David Eyre, and by our Guest Cycling Frisian Blogger from the Netherlands, Geart Tigchelaar, as well as from our own In House Bloggers this year, Katie Hale and Carly Brown, and we’re delighted so many other people have also written about, spoken about and filmed the festival. Thanks also to all this year's brilliant photographers. MUSA have also posted articles featuring the four poems commissioned for our collaboration with them this year, which offers another chance to read them.

For a quick summary, what better than this short video featuring personal responses to the festival.

You can also now see festival photographs in a range of galleries on Flickr, and we’re giving you these options:

You can also browse through a host of videos, podcasts and broadcasts, articles and reviews collected for you meantime in this PDF summary.