StAnza Box Office Opens on Tuesday 2 February!

Sunday 31 January 2021

The StAnza Box Office opens on Tuesday 2 February when tickets for our Workshops and Round Table readings will be for sale. You can also book tickets for our formal live Zoom events from Tuesday.

The other events at StAnza 2021, and all of the exhibitions, installations, games, etc., are free to access online; you'll just need to go to the StAnza website to view them. Apart from the Workshops and Round Table readings, everything at this year's festival is offered without charge to ensure it's available to everyone who is online, though we hope if you are able to you will consider paying what you can on a voluntary basis. (Anyone who doesn't have a regular internet connection can still get some poetry
from StAnza by post or phone.)

You will get full information on how to book tickets on the StAnza Booking Page >>

As well as the formal live events on Zoom, the StAnza online festival cafe will be open on Zoom every day from Monday 8 to Sunday 14 March as a place to catch up with old friends online and chat, and to make new friends, but you won't need to book for these, you'll be able to just drop in during the festival cafe opening hours. (We'll let you know how to do that nearer the time.) We will be trying hard to channel the usual atmosphere of the Byre cafe, as well as Zest and other favourite cafes, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants around town. And we hope very much that some of this year's poets will come along to some of the festival cafe sessions.

On Monday 8 and Wednesday 10 March the festival cafe will be open on Zoom in the morning from 11:00 - 11:30 so why not join us for a morning coffee (bring your own coffee); on Tuesday 9, Thursday 11 and Saturday 13 March, it will be open in the evening from 20:30 - 21:00; on Friday 12 March we'll have a breakout room at the Risk a Verse Open Mic event, if you'd like a break from the poetry to chat; and of course we'll have breakout rooms where people can meet to chat at the opening night party on 6 March, and at the Festival Finale on 14 March.