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Almost Poetry

Friday 1 January, 00:00 - Wednesday 31 March, 23:00
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Bringing St Andrews to you, as never seen before

The town of St Andrews has always been a vital element in each StAnza festival. We like to think of it as the page on which the festival is written, but some might think the town’s winding streets and pends, the old buildings and open spaces around each corner, the beach, cobbles and sky are poetry themselves. They are certainly an important part of the StAnza experience.


So just in the nick of time, when the pandemic means no-one can travel to St Andrews for the festival, our friends at St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum have launched their new website, complete with virtual tours in St Andrews. Wherever you are as you join the StAnza festival in 2021, you can spend some time renewing or commencing your relationship with St Andrews.


The wonderful technology the museum is using means that while you can have a very sensible and informed tour if you wish, you can also be playful and enjoy the Panini View or even the Little Planet View. Our favourite is 141 South Street Courtyard but there are several options to check out on the museum’s Virtual Tours webpage.


In partnership with St Andrews Preservation Trust


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