Events - Festival 2021

Big Riches in Little Rooms

Saturday 6 March (All day) - Wednesday 31 March (All day)
StAnza Online

ʃəˈlɒt (sha-lot): a poetry game created by Calum Rodger

A short ludic interpretation of the following sentence from Veronica Forrest-Thomson's Poetic Artifice: A Theory of Twentieth Century Poetry: "Contact with reality destroys her fantasy world, but not the poem, for she is more than a creature of fiction; she is an organising formal principle, and her abode has been chosen by the need to find a rhyme for ‘Camelot’."

Play as the EPONYMOUS LADY. Can you find a way to break the cycle of balladic inevitability???

If your appetite is whetted, check out Calum’s games Rabbie Burns Saves the World and Gotta Eat the Plums!

Return to this page for a link to enjoy the game during the festival.

Participants: Calum Rodger
Calum Rodger: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

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