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The Last Model

Wednesday 10 March, 16:30 - 17:15
StAnza Online

A showcase of Latgalian poetry

From 1 April the StAnza 2021 festival content on this page is no longer available. 

It’s a tiny language with a vibrant literary output. And no, we’re not talking about Gaelic. The collection The Last Model (Francis Boutle, 2020) brings together translations by Jayde Will of three poets writing in Latgalian, a language spoken by roughly 164,000 people in eastern Latvia. In rich and innovative poems, Ligija Purinaša and Raibīs demonstrate and explore the versatility of a language which punches above its weight. Don’t miss this showcase event, bringing together the poets and translator for readings in Latgalian and English, and for a discussion of Latgalian poetry.

Just return to this webpage to view the event, which will be captioned and remain available to watch until 31 March.

Books by festival poets are available here, with profits going to St Andrews bookshop J & G Innes.

Supported by the Latvian Literature Platform

Ligija Purinaša: Raivis Nikolajevs
Raibīs: Sandra Garanča
Jayde Will: Inga Pizāne

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