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StAnza Before The Storm (Online)

Saturday 6 March (All day) - Wednesday 31 March (All day)
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From the sketchbook of Katrine Lyck, StAnza’s 2020/21 artist in residence

Danish artist Katrine Lyck came on board as our artist in residence for StAnza 2020/21. You may have noticed her in Parliament Hall and elsewhere around the festival last March, with her paintbox and sketchpad. We’re delighted to have selected prints from Katrine Lyck’s sketchbook on show. These pages were made back when we could still move freely and even shake hands. She gathered impressions from the beautiful town of St Andrews as well as live painting the poetry readings using liquid inks. The live paintings of the poets aim to express those emotions created by reading your own poetry out loud, and the paintings of the city reflect a poetic and dreamy view of it.


Images from Katrine’s sketchbook will be available via this page.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with St Andrews Preservation Trust

Participants: Katrine Lyck

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