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Saturday 6 March (All day) - Wednesday 31 March (All day)
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From the Trafika Europe Radio archives, specially for StAnza

The festival content on this page is no longer available. 


For 2021 our usual Listening Booths have gone virtual. Enjoy this excerpt from a performance of ‘Wolf One-Eye’ by the late Latvian-Swedish poet and translator Juris Kronbergs, who passed away in July 2020. Read by the poet in English, this audio was recorded on a Trafika Europe poetry tour in 2016, and is shared with StAnza as a tribute to Juris Kronbergs by Andrew Singer of Trafika Europe Radio. The English translation is by Mara Rozitis, and guitar accompaniment is by French-Algerian poet Alima Hamel.


Return to this page from 6 March to listen to the performance.


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Participants: Past Poets 2021

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