Helen Boden

Helen Boden is a Yorkshire-born writer, educator and editor, based on the edge of Edinburgh. She is widely published in poetry magazines and anthologies, and writes creative non-fiction and articles on subjects ranging from education to hillwalking. She also collaborates with visual artists to make responsive poems and place-specific text which has appeared in artists’ books and pamphlets. A former lecturer in English and Scottish Literature at Edinburgh University, she has been an independent literature professional since 2003, working across a broad range of community, healthcare, cultural and environmental settings. She has led poetry walks throughout Scotland for organisations and events including Refugee Survival Trust, Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, and Care for Carers. She also led a walk to mark the centenary of Wilfred Owen’s excursions with Craiglockhart Field Club.


Helen Boden

Photo: Scott Carroll


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After Rosemary Bassett  


she beachcombs the flotsam at dawn
                     - today a netting offcut

sifts the morning catch for what to save
                                    sees what it tells her

                            repairs a few of the holes

trusts her medium
to sluice out
detritus of resentments

           with yacht varnish
           it dries like bladderwrack
                                  seawall cobblestone
                                                       ancient map

inked up
                 a billow of fabulous scale

in an armslength / wingspan frame:                   collagraph seamonster
                                                    familiar amphibian
patrols her living room

                          a coastal epidermis
                                                                 suggestion of tide

Helen Boden