Gerry Cambridge

As well as writing his own poetry, Gerry Cambridge founded the transatlantic magazine The Dark Horse, which remains Scotland’s leading poetry journal, in 1995. He is also an essayist, print designer and typographer, with a background in natural history photography. He lived in an Ayrshire caravan for twenty years before leaving to become a Brownsbank Fellow in Hugh MacDiarmid’s former home for 1997–1999. He has been a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the University of Edinburgh (2006–2009) and at Glasgow Caledonian University (2010–2012). His latest collection, The Light Acknowledgers, appeared in 2019 with HappenStance Press.

Gerry Cambridge


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Minus Five
—for Amit Majmudar

It took place in the night. Miles
up in the dark, out of untouchable height,
such a weight fell, such a vast whirl and chaos
         while the folk slept, snug as spoons
         in a drawer, under each heavy cover,
         dreaming in cossetted warmth
         of whatever. Then
it must have cleared, like a silent army going
tremendously away, leaving behind the wide
   star-pricked sky and the moon’s
         liberated shining. So
         when I rose, blear-eyed,
dragged, reluctant, to the things of day
and the old wounds, and glanced out the door—
         a heartleap! Way
         into distance, all
   across the Highland morning,
the singular peaks, incandescent in the light
that had lifted itself out of amber to gold to the pristinest
         white in the eye.
And acknowledged only briefly—for already
   the kettle was clicking off at my back—
         summit on summit lit
     out under blue to forever:
     magnificent, and very cold.

Gerry Cambridge

From The Light Acknowledgers & Other Poems (HappenStance, 2019)