Ken Cockburn

Ken Cockburn is a poet and translator based in Edinburgh, who runs Edinburgh Poetry Tours, guided walks in the city’s Old Town. Recent publications include the collection Floating the Woods, and Heroines from Abroad, translations of German poet Christine Marendon.

Ken Cockburn

Photo: Umar Timol


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Nine prints of birds by Lisa Hooper, with poems by Ken Cockburn

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A bird the colour of cinders seeks sparks.
Names are lights glimpsed among trembling shadows.

Cranberries in the margins of Cran Loch 
near Blaeberry Hill distract from the crane 
the Trainpool Burn names too except the word
in both cases probably means heron.

While we grant ardea cinerea
a hill, a ditch and a forest clearing
at Knockiecore, Crandaldyke and Cronkley
as well as the midmost of the Three Lochs

straightforward Chapelheron is a lamp
blazing with the wisdom of St Ciaran.

Ken Cockburn