Alec Finlay

Alec Finlay (Scotland, 1966) is a poet and artist whose work crosses over a range of media and forms. Finlay established morning star publications in 1990. His recent publications include a far-off land (2018), gathering (2018), th' fleety wud (2017), minnmouth (2017), A Variety of Cultures (2016), ebban an’ flowan (2015) and Global Oracle (2014).

Alec Finlay

Photo: Tom Mannion


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what love could learn from such a sight

that first day
   on the sunshine beach
      let’s get wed set

us careening in
   rings   laughing   yes
      yes      then we leaned

back on a sea-
   rock and marked
      an old couple

doddle down   each
   of his imperturbable
      swim-strokes met

by her patient red
   towel rolled and
      tucked safe 

under a crooked arm
   we watched her
      watching him

reading the day’s
   lesson in the labour
      of waiting that was

supposed to come
   I couldn’t want for
      anything more

than their shared time
   which this past
      year’s undone

Kinghorn, 22.IX.17, 15.X.19

Alec Finlay