Jo Gilbert

Jo Gilbert is a writer and spoken word artist from Aberdeen. Jo’s work is influenced by the language and culture of the northeast with a contemporary twist. A multiple slam poetry winner, Jo has had work commissioned for festivals, art installations and film.

Jo Gilbert

Photo: Lucas Chih-Peng Kao 


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Fa we are

It’s recht fine tae ging awa
bit there’s nithin like comin back
we unser the call o the land whisperin
ye’ve been awa too lang
mon hame quine
come awa ma loon
the North East is fa ye are

an we are
tied igither fae mountain tae sea
we are the colour o autumn leaves
an athing in atween
we are rich in beauty

we're the mooth o the Don
the length o the Dee
swans nestin in the reeds
we are pink footed geese
gettin fat on spilt grain

we are
the first spit o rain
the salt tang o the air
we are the cry o the cormorant
on oor shallow coasts
the sand in oor dunes

oor lungs hud the roar o the waves
and we are winter’s breath
the clang o industry an energy
engines o ships comin in
wae a guid haul tae sell
we are the cauld o the fishhoose
an the shelter o the harbour in a storm

we are
dreich days an the kiss o summer
we’re shards o sunlecht
brakin through the clouds
we are spring buds risin up
willin ti grow
soft as petals
tough as granite

we are
teuchters and toonsers
fermers and fishers, bobbies
an roughy toughy North Sea tigers

we are
poets, duncers, musicians
film makkers, teachers
and aa manner o things
but we are mare than fit we dee

we are
oor faithers an mithers an femily an freens
we are the city an shire
an athing we admire in ithers
we’re assets and defects dein oor best
we are aa jist tryin tae scrape by
tae suss oot oor place

we are
a meltin pot o folk fae ahwy
we’re aa airchie’s bairns
so welcome, mon in
find yersel a shell that fits
an mak it yer ain
We are the North East
an this is oor hame, your hame

we are 



Jo Gilbert