Tania Hershman

Tania Hershman's poetry pamphlet, How High Did She Fly, was joint winner of Live Canon's 2019 Poetry Pamphlet Competition and was published in November 2019, and her hybrid particle-physics-inspired book and what if we were all allowed to disappear was published by Guillemot Press in March 2020. Tania is also the author of a poetry collection, a poetry chapbook and three short story collections, and co-author of Writing Short Stories: A Writers' & Artists' Companion (Bloomsbury, 2014). She is co-creator of @OnThisDayShe, curator of short story hub ShortStops and has a PhD in creative writing inspired by particle physics. You can hear her read her work on Soundcloud.


Tania Hershman

Photo: Naomi Woddis


Found in translation: from StAnza to Skopje »

Poetry between between Britain and Macedonia, with Peter Mackay, Tania Hershman, Mitko Gogov and Katica Kulavkova

Tue 9 March | 17:30 - 18:30 | Free/Ticketed | StAnza Zoom


What do we do when the water rises?

Fire ants, when flooded, make 
of themselves a raft, hooking bodies; 
when stranded, make of themselves 

a bridge. And when a colony 
is tipped into a bucket: sphere. 

Scientists have tried 
to persuade them 
to disband, pushing 

the ant architectures further 
and further down 
into the water, but where 

a single ant will sink, together 
they cling on. How do they know 

how hard to hold, and when 
to let each other go?


Tania Hershman

'What Do We Do When The Water Rises' by Tania Hershman, from Terms & Conditions. Published by Nine Arches Press, 2017