Janet Loverseed

Janet Loverseed’s childhood was spent in Nottingham but she has lived in England’s northwest since gaining her English degree at Liverpool University. She has worked as a teacher of children and adults, library assistant, greengrocery assistant, office dogsbody and artists’ model. She has written poems for as long as she can remember but it wasn’t until her retirement that editors started accepting them for publication in magazines and anthologies. HappenStance published her pamphlet, The Under-Ripe Banana, in 2008 and two full collections have followed: The Shadow Shop (Oversteps Books, 2016) and Jezibaba (Dempsey & Windle, 2020).

Janet Loverseed

Photo: James Boardman


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In His Dreams

I was curious when I heard him dreaming.
His sounds were joyful, then distressed.
He woke and saw me and he was weeping.

‘I was dancing in the top field’ he said,
‘and suddenly without a word
everyone left me. Tell me what happened.’

I laughed: ‘How should I know? Maybe they’re lost
in a dark wood now, or dead.’
‘But my dear, you were one of them’, he said.

Janet Loverseed

From Jezibaba (Dempsey & Windle, 2020)