Calum Rodger

Calum Rodger is a Glasgow-based poet whose work explores interfaces between poetry and gaming. His published work includes PORTS – classic poems reimagined as game instructions (SPAM, 2019) – and Rock, Star, North. – a poetic travelogue set in the Grand Theft Auto V universe (Tapsalteerie, forthcoming) – while his games include Gotta Eat the Plums! with William Carlos Williams and Rabbie Burns Saves the World. He is also a former Scottish Slam Champion and holds a PhD in Scottish Literature from the University of Glasgow.

Calum Rodger

Photo: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan


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ʃəˈlɒt (sha-lot): a poetry game created by Calum Rodger

Sat 6 March - Wed 31 March | (All day) | FREE | StAnza Online


After W.S. Graham

very gently strike
any key for night bell

          you are come to this place
          to come to this place press ENTER
          wearing seemingly this look to move
          press SPACE

gently strike any key
hold the port air

          now you are befriended by
          this sea which plays you
          far out faintly press
          any key to continue

you are borne in this move
through the framed world

          continual other event
          press SHIFT from this to like event
          these keys through which you move
          towards your home

far out faintly hold
key strike to port

          press ALT to change the register
          of sound & name & night & day
          play takes place
          press SPACE

          sea hold forward
          home press back
          render pixel measures
          rend this formal instant

very gently strike
any key for night bell

Calum Roger

From PORTS (SPAM Press, 2019)