Sheila Templeton

Sheila Templeton writes in both Scots and English. She was delighted to be nominated as Scots Writer of the Year in the Scots Language Awards 2020. She’s also won a number of prizes, the latest being the Neil Gunn Adult Poetry Competition 2019 and the James McCash Scots Language Poetry Competition 2020, for the fourth time. She often works in collaboration with Maggie Rabatski and A.C. Clarke in their Three Languages of Scotland project, which has resulted in publication by Tapsalteerie Press in its Biggin Brigs series of poetry pamphlets, most recently Drochaid, which appeared in December 2019. She has been widely published in magazines and anthologies, as well as having four previous collections. Her most recent poetry collection is Clyack by Red Squirrel Press, February 2021.

Sheila  Templeton


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The Clyack Shafe

Hame for his eeswal sax month leave
hine awa fae the bonnie hoose
reamin wi space, servans takkin tent,
sun-downers oan bougainvillea verandahs
 – aathing he'd biggit up for himsel
waarlds awa fae far he'd stertit

 – a vistin freen chanced tae say
Govalhill's in sair need o a han wi his hairst .
Nae young, nae swack, but
Aye. I'll be there the morn.

He'd nae idea his need wis sae fierce
his bleed dingin tae feel

the reeshle o skinklin corn
athort a lang-rigged park,
hard-nubbit siller-gowd
an stooks o hey lik roon breists
 – aa the tyauve o a day's lang darg
stiff shooders, oxters wringin weet

winnin tae the hinner-en, a hairst
weel-gaithert, the clyack-shafe,
seer again in his saal, his ain grun.

Sheila Templeton

From Clyack (Red Squirrel, 2021)