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New Indian Express, 16 March 2014

A selection of online articles and reviews from past StAnza festivals:

2019 Reviews and Interviews

Poetry review: StAnza 2019 (The Scotsman: Susan Mansfield)

StAnza Poetry Festival Highlights (The Scotsman)

StAnza 2019: 'Poetry will not change or save the world but it will always be on the side of resistance to hate' (The List)

StAnza: International poets and voices converge on scenic Scottish shores (The List)

Programme announced for St Andrews poetry festival StAnza (Fife Today)

An Interview with Ben Norris (The Mumble)

Festival programme announced for StAnza 2019 (Scottish Field)

Island poets to take part in StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival (Stornoway Gazette)

Magma at StAnza (Magma Poetry)

StAnza 2019 II (Magma Poetry)  

StAnza 2019 (The Mumble)

Border Crossings (The Mumble)

Archers star Ben Norris to compere slam at StAnza festival (Write Out Loud)

International Women's Day 2019 Events Round-up: StAnza 2019 (The Skinny)

StAnza Schools (Ken Cockburn) 

From Pottery to Poetry: StAnza 2019 (MUSA)

Young Poetry Fans are in for a Treat (The Tribe)

Accessible Days Out in Fife (Sarah Lex)

StAnza 2019 Commissions (MUSA)  

Poetry festival line-up unveiled for 2019 (The Courier)

StAnza 2019 (Burnt Thumb)

At StAnza: thinking beyond this map (Catherine Wilson)

Rare, powerful and exciting: Saturday at StAnza 2019 (Emma Gibb)

‘Human beings together’: Friday reflections (Georgi Gill)

Another Place: Thursday Reflections (Carly Brown)

Poetic Conversations (Carly Brown) 

2018 Reviews and Interviews

Review of StAnza 2018 by Susan Mansfield in The Scotsman

Article by Vicky Husband

JL Williams workshop at MUSA

Article in The List about StAnza - how women poets are leading the way

Article by Literary Pixie

Article by Angela Topping

2017 Reviews and Interviews

The Skinny: Strong Words, Strange Times

The Scotsman: StAnza 2017 review

The List: Imprisoned poets

The List: It’s like an apprenticeship …

The List: Writing poetry in the age of Twitter and Facebook

The List: StAnza 2017 celebrates Scotland’s heritage and international partnerships

PDF icon Twelve Rivers - Magazine of the Suffolk Poetry Society, page 1.pdf

PDF icon Twelve Rivers, page 2 of article by Sue Wallace-Shaddad.pdf

2016 Reviews and Interviews

Post Festival:

The Scotsman: StAnza 2016 festival review              

The Goethe Institut magazine: StAnza Poetry Festival 2016 – Mapping the World with Poetry

SPL: Diversity Rich

Dave Poems: StAnza 2016 review Part I

Dave Poems: StAnza 2016 review Part II

Kirsten Luckins: StAnza, possibly the perfect poetry festival

Dura Review: James Arthur and Sharon Black

Dura review: Lemn Sissay and Don Paterson

Dura review: StAnza lecture

The List:  StAnza 2016 shows poetry and politics are necessary bedfellows

The List: StAnza 2016 - emerging writers and ones to watch

The List: StAnza 2016 shows gaelic poetry isn't just traditional, it's progressive

The List: StAnza 2016 - writers from all over the world flock to Scotland

The Mumble: Past and present review

The Mumble: Aase Berg and Valerie Laws review

The Mumble: Review of Poetry Cafe, Jemima Foxtrot in Melody

The Mumble: Review of Poetry Cafe with Kirstin Luckins

Steven Fowler: StAnza

Kathryn Ailes: StAnza 2016 reflections

The Three Day Residency That Lasted Three Months: Clive Birnie

Harry Man: The Scores

Burnt Thumb: StAnza, the festival of the poetry community

Elizabeth Hare: Recovering from poetry festivals, a users’ guide

St Andrews Rare Books blog

Martyn Crucefix: Two great days at StAnza

Bookseeker Literary Agency: StAnza 2016

Ellen McAteer: StAnza 2016

St Leonards stands with StAnza

Vicki Husband: StAnza, an extreme sport

Mark Russell blog

The Tribe: People don't burn candles anymore

Fife Today: A diverse festival of verse

Fife Today: It's Scotland at its best

The Courier: StAnza gets under way

The Scotsman: StAnza brings the greats to a little corner of Fife

Katie Hale blog: I think I overdosed on poetry

The Saint: How to be a slam poet

StAnza blog: Opening night

StAnza blog: Reflections on poetry and friendships

StAnza blog: Festival through the senses

StAnza blog: Hashtag poet in residence  

Slender Means: StAnza 2016

Jemima Foxtrot blog

Pre festival:

Fife Today: A slam dunk line-up for StAnza festival (12 Dec 2015) 

Boersenblatt: StAnza poetikfestival in schottland - Deutsche Lyrik im Fokus

The Herald: Don Paterson to headline national poetry festival

The National: St Andrews to host international festival

The List: Stellar agenda in store for StAnza's 19th year

The Scotsman: in a few weeks’ time St Andrews welcomes the poetry world

Schottlandberater: StAnza literaturfestival  

TV Bomb: StAnza, Scotland's poetry festival

Revistaojo: Poetry in solidarity  

The Courier: Festival headline acts are poetry to the ears 

Literary Dundee: Dundee flavours at StAnza




2015 Reviews and Interviews

Some of the online articles and blogs:

The inspiring StAnza poetry festival: The Scotsman review by Susan Mansfield

Review of StAnza 2015: Scotsman review by Susan Mansfield

Why we need more poetry events like StAnza, by Charlotte Runcie in The List

Kei Miller comes home, by Charlotte Runcie in The List

StAnza 2015 – Simon Armitage, one of Britain’s best, by Charlotte Runcie in The List

StAnza 2015 – Helen Mort, by Charlotte Runcie in The List

StAnza 2015: Mothers Day – why we need more great writing about being a mother,by Charlotte Runcie, The List

The Ferocity of Festivals by Helena Nelson

Article about StAnza in Best American Poetry

StAnza – inhabiting poetry, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza – Rising waters from Faroes to Brittany, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza: Celan and the Holocaust and Different Trains; Shotover, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza – island poets, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

In praise of StAnza & Carolyn Forche, by Fiona Moore, Displacement

StAnza, Scotland’s most chilled out festival, by Susanne Arbuckle, Adventures Around Scotland

StAnza 2015: a weekend in St Andrews photoblog, by Susanne Arbuckle, Adventures Around Scotland

First Timers Guide to StAnza, by Susanne Arbuckle, Adventures Around Scotland

StAnza Poetry Cafe with Owen O’Neill, by Paul Thompson, The Mumble

StAnza Poetry Cafe with Erin Fornoff, by Paul Thompson, The Mumble

StAnza Body Searches, by Paul Thompson, The Mumble

StAnza Border Crossing, by Paul Thompson, The Mumble

StAnza Poetry Cafe with Torok & Campion, by Paul Thompson, The Mumble

StAnza 2015, by Elizabeth Rimmer, Burned Thumb

StAnza 2015, by Colin Will, Sunny Dunny

StAnza 2015 >erasure ii, the FCA&C blog

StAnza 2015, by Sarah Hymas

StAnza 2015 in storify

StAnza turns 18 & contemplates morality

An Archipelago of Poetry

The Unfinished Business of a poet in residence, by Clare Mulley

A young blogger at StAnza

The Citizen: Festival Preview, 21 February 2015

The Citizen, 13 March 2015

The Courier: StAnza Preview, January 2015

The Courier: Chapter & Verse at StAnza, 9 March 2015

The Skinny: StAnza Comes of Age


Before 2015 (listed by publication)

The List

Stanza 2014: an enlightening examination of the poetry of war
The List 12 March 2014

Stanza 2014: Voicing the Past - their wars, your words
The List 12 March 2014

The Deep by Samuel Tongue
The List 25 February 2014

Stanza 2014 poetry festival programme includes Jacob Polley and Carly Brown
The List 21 February 2014

International line-up of poets set to attend 2014 Stanza poetry festival
The List 21 January 2014

Paul Muldoon, Carol-Ann Duffy and John Burnside announced for Stanza 2014
The List 03 October 2013

2013 StAnza lecture delivered by national poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke
The List 14 March 2013

Gillian Clarke, Liz Lochead and Mark Doty among StAnza highlights
The List 12 March 2013

StAnza’s Poetry Breakfasts streaming online
The List 08 March 2013

StAnza 2013 to feature appearances by Liz Lochhead, Luke Wright and John Burnside
The List 22 February 2013

StAnza, Fife Jazz Festival and other events to continue in wake of Byre Theatre’s closure
The List 28 January 2013

StAnza International Poetry Festival 2012 – round-up
The List 23 March 2012

Fife writers’ views on Seamus Heaney ahead of Edinburgh Book Festival
The List 11 July 2012

A look at some of the best book events in Scotland during Autumn 2012
The List 17 September 2012

StAnza 2012 - Festival Round Up
The List 23 March 2012

StAnza 2012 international poetry festival opens
The List 16 March 2012

StAnza 2012 international poetry festival highlights
The List 28 February 2012

StAnza 2011 - Kevin Young and Gawain Douglas
The List 07 April 2011

StAnza 2011 - Festival Round Up
The List 31 March 2011

StAnza 2011 - New Poetry showcases impress
The List 31 March 2011

StAnza 2011 poetry festival launches
The List 17 March 2011

StAnza 2010 - An evening with Seamus Heaney
The List 22 March 2010

StAnza 2010- Kei Miller interview
The List 25 February 2010

StAnza 2010 Poetry Festival Programme Launch
The List 20 January 2010

StAnza 2009 – Patience Agbabi and Carol Ann Duffy
The List 24 March 2009

StAnza 2009 Poets of the Scottish Enlightenment and 18th Century Gaelteachd
The List 24 March 2009

StAnza 2009 gets off to a fiery start as Robert burns
The List 19 March 2009

The List 19 March 2009


The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday

StAnza festival: Fresh take on man's inhumanity
The Scotsman 10 March 2014

StAnza 2014: First World War the focus
The Scotsman 22 January 2014

StAnza: The poetry festival that almost never happened 
The Scotsman 15 March 2013

StAnza Festival: Mark Doty talks Walt Whitman 
The Scotsman 02 March 2013

Interview: Lavinia Greenlaw, poet and novelist
The Scotsman 10 March 2012

Interview: Matthew Hollis, author of All Roads Lead to France
The Scotsman 03 March 2012

The StAnza Festival's 60-plus events cover every form of poetry, but there was one reading that rose above all others
The Scotsman 23 March 2011

Books: StAnza Poetry Festival: David Robinson
The Scotsman 24 March 2010

StAnza festival plunders the myth kitty to great effect
The Scotsman 23 March 2010

The Browser
The Scotsman 29 March 2009

Poetry Review: Stanza 2009
The Scotsman 28 March 2009

Hardeep Singh Kohl: Brotherly love survives stushies and swedges
Scotland on Sunday 28 March 2009

Book worm
The Scotsman 28 March 2009

Where Art and Poetry Collide
The Scotsman 21 March 2008

Chapter and verse
The Scotsman 16 March 2008

To Budapest and back
The Scotsman 09 March 2008

Short cuts to a bigger picture - Tess Gallagher interview
The Scotsman 08 March 2008

I was averse to idea of 100 poets but StAnza stands test of rhyme
The Scotsman 24 March 2007

Mainly short, mainly sweet; easy on emotions, easy on the beat…
The Scotsman 20 March 2007

Verse allows us to see the detail of our own lives refracted
The Scotsman 21 March 2006

StAnza Poetry Festival
The Scotsman 08 October 2001


The Courier

StAnza poetry festival comes to a full-stop
The Courier 10 March 2014

StAnza poetry festival gets off to flying start
The Courier 06 March 2014

StAnza 2014 will reflect year’s big events
The Courier 30 January 2014

StAnza hailed as best ever despite Byre Theatre closure 
The Courier 15 March 2013


East Fife Mail

Pies, players and poems at Bayview
Fife Today 26 February 2014



Dogs, Death and a Poetry Festival
The New Indian Express 16 March 2014

Games and war themes for poet festival
The Herald 03 March 2014

Twenty Moments from StAnza 2014
Surroundings 14 March 2014

Gabeba Baderoon: Interview at StAnza
Meander March 2014

When time stops, by Helena Nelson
HappenStance Blog 9 March 2014

A thousand words on StAnza, by Michael Pedersen
Birlinn Books Blog – 26 March 2014

StAnza 2014, A noise like the sea
Ellen McAteer Blog 11 March 2014

Wasn't that a time!
Burned Thumb 10 March 2014

StAnza 2014: My highlights
Angela Topping blog 16 March 2014

StAnza 2014: The Lightfoot Letters
Angela Topping blog 13 March 2014

StAnza - Scotland's International Poetry Festival

TJ Dema: This too, is Africa 03 April 2014

StAnza 2014 hailed an overwhelming success
Welcome to Fife 10 March 2014

StAnza 2014: Q &A with Eleanor Livingstone, Festival Director
The Skinny 05 March 2014

StAnza 2014: Q &As with Ross Sutherland and Sophia Walker
The Skinny 07 March 2014

Celtic Life International 2014

Dema to Shine in Scotland
The Voice Botswana 28 February 2014

Fife gets poetic with StAnza International Poetry Festival
Visit Scotland 28 February 2014

StAnza 2014: Previewed
The Tribe Online 2014

De Bernieres to launch StAnza festival
Evening Telegraph 04 December 2013

Inspirational Exchanges at Farlin
Rio Magazine 22 March 2013

Review of Paula Meehan and Robin Robertson
Scottish Review of Books 16 March 2013

How it snowed on StAnza 2013, but poetry melted us
Jean Atkin Blog 11 March 2013

Erin Mouré and Mark Doty
Dundee University Review of the Arts 13 March 2013

Rushing, reading, reporting
George Szirtes blog 13 March 2013

Stanza: Scotland's international poetry festival in St.Andrews
Sweet Avocado Blog 27 February 2013

Clare's café highlights w/c 12 March
BBC Radio Scotland blog 14 March 2012

Seven Stanzas about StAnza
The Skinny 27 February 2012

StAnza 2011: Hats and tin whistles and other posts
Stephanie Green Blog 02 April 2011

Report from the StAnza Poetry Festival 2011 and other posts
Rob Mackenzie blog – Surroundings 28 March 2011

One Night StAnza
The Bell Jar Jo Bell Blog 22 March 2011

A Poetic Weekend
Burned Thumb - Elizabeth Rimmer blog 22 March 2011

StAnza 2011 and States of Independence 2
Polyolbion – Matt Merritt blog 21 March 2011

StAnza 2011
Poetry in Progress – Marion McCready blog 21 March 2011

My StAnza International Poetry Festival 2010
Magma Poetry Online blog 25 March 2010

StAnza 18/3/10: Seamus, myth and magic
Our sweet old etcetera… - Scottish Poetry Library blog 19 March 2010

Greetings from St. Andrews!: Graeme Smith
One Magazine 19 March 2009

Bard's head ignites poetry event
BBC News 18 March 2009

Fränkische Mundart, übersetzt ins Schottische
Nürnberger Zeitung 28 March 2008

Poetry and Conflict: Postcard from St. Andrews, Scotland
Poets & Writers 25 March 2008

StAnza 2 - What I Bought
Surroundings – Rob Mackenzie blog 20 March 2007

StAnza 2006
Toungefire – Andrew Philip blog 22 March 2006