Past Participants: Lecturers & Festival Launch Keynote Speakers

Listings of all our StAnza lecturers and festival launch keynote speakers since 2000. If you wish to find out more, you can search the past festivals archive (from 2015) for poets, artists and events, or browse earlier festivals (2005 to 2014) on our old website at

StAnza Lecturers
2002 Edna Longley  
2003 Kay Redfield Jamison  
2004 Peter Read  
2005 Neil Astley lecture available online
2006 Michael Schmidt lecture available online
2007 George Szirtes lecture available online
2008 Sarah Maguire

PDF icon download 2008 lecture

2009 Jay Parini

PDF icon download 2009 lecture

2010 Grevel Lindop

PDF icon download 2010 lecture

2011 Robert Crawford  
2012 Lavinia Greenlaw  
2013 Gillian Clarke

PDF icon download 2013 lecture

2014 David Constantine

PDF icon download 2014 lecture

2015 Glyn Maxwell

PDF icon download 2015 lecture

2016 Thomas Lynch  
2017 Sasha Dugdale  


2019 John Burnside  
2020 Matthew Caley  


Festival Launch Keynote Speakers
2000 Robyn Marsack Director, Scottish Poetry Library
2001 no speaker    
2002 Sir Menzies Campbell MP North East Fife MP
2003 Elaine Murray MSP Scottish Executive Minister for the Arts
2003 Brian Lang Principal, University of St Andrews
2004 Jim Brennan Arts spokesman, Fife Council
2005 Cecile Shea US Consul in Scotland
2006 Robin Harper MSP Leader, Scottish Green Party
2007 Richard Demarco Arts impresario, artist & curator
2008 Brian Taylor BBC Scotland Political Editor
2009 Alex Salmond MSP First Minister
2010 Dr Louise Richardson Principal, University of St Andrews
2011 Tom Morton Writer/broadcaster
2012 Alistair Moffat Writer/broadcaster
2013 Lesley Riddoch Writer/broadcaster
2014 Louis de Bernières Writer
2015 Clive Russell Actor
2016 Thomas Yorkston Musician
2017 Sheena Wellington Singer
2018 Barbara Dickson Musician
2019 Douglas Dunn Poet
2020 Val McDermid Writer