Stephanie Green: Sean Borodale Workshop and Lucilla Sim Exhibition - 08/03/13

Poet Stephanie Green writes about her time at Sean Borodale's workshop at Balmungo House, The Narrow Road to the Deep North exhibition by last year's artist in residence Lucilla Sim, and the Festival Launch event with Lesley Riddoch.

Sean Borodale...


Stephanie Green: Sean Borodale, Gillian Clarke's StAnza Lecture, and Liz Lochhead - 08/03/13

Poet Stephanie Green on some of yesterday's StAnza events: Sean Borodale, The StAnza Lecture, and Poetry Centre Stage with Gillian Clarke and Liz Lochhead - the national poets of Wales and Scotland.

After the Balmungo workshop with Sean Borodale, it was a...


Stephanie Green: Douglas Dunn Workshop at Balmungo House - 09/03/13

Poet Stephanie Green writes about her experiences of the first of StAnza's 2013 workshops at a sunny (!) Balmungo House with Jean Johnstone and Douglas Dunn.  

Just before StAnza proper began I was thrilled to attend two all-day workshops, not just one as last...


'What I'm looking forward to at StAnza': Stephanie Green - 06/03/13

In the first of her Festival Blogs for StAnza, poet Stephanie Green gives us us her personal preview of the StAnza line-up. She will be reporting back on her experiences over the next five days, so keep following! 

First of all it will be fascinating to see...


Stephanie Green: what I am looking forward to at StAnza. - 14/03/12

As StAnza kicks off this evening with an evening of poetry and jazz, our guest blogger, poet Stephanie Green previews some events she is particularly keen to see at StAnza. As she says herself, she has been coming to the festival for years and has been blogging about us...


Festival Blog: Day Two, Stephanie Green on poetic larceny - 17/03/12

Stephanie attended Kwame Dawes's workshop on Thursday and followed it with other StAnzaesque visual adventures:

Thieves, Liars, Pedlars and Soldiers - and Poets. 

I never thought I'd be incited to a life of crime today but this is what...


Poetry, out of line and by design: Stephanie Green - 10/03/13

As I entered the Town Hall a voice reciting poems seemed to come from nowhere – I looked around but saw no one – then traced it to overhead speakers.  This is just one of the weird and wonderful incarnations of poetry outwith the page that one encounters round StAnza this...


Unmapped; Welsh poetry: Stephanie Green - 13/03/13

Anna King and Rebecca Sharp

For my last blog at StAnza, meditating on poetry inspired by landscape/art or vice versa, I went along to the exhibition, 'Unmapped' , also about the marginal.  A beautiful collaboration of paintings by...


Stephanie Green: Nature poetry or Eco-poetry? - 10/03/13

At Saturday morning's Poetry Breakfast, which was also webcast, there was much talk of the relationships between ecology, poetry, history and the natural world by the panel. And the thorny issue of definitions came to the fore.

I'm not sure...


Stephanie Green: Stereoscopes, and Dual Perspectives - 18/03/12

Saturday 17th March, 2012, Day 4

A Poetry Breakfast, complete with coffee and pastries, is a great way to wake up at StAnza.  The Breakfast topic today was 'Iconic' with Robert...