Support StAnza, please!

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Like so many others in these difficult financial times, StAnza has to deliver our ambitious and international programme within a very modest budget. We want to keep the festival accessible so we don't want to make big increases in ticket prices. Instead we watch where every pound we spend goes, and we do everything we can to get more support. Over the next few weeks, there's a great chance for you to help. StAnza is taking part in this year's Grow Your Tenner campaign for charities. You can find our page online and every pound you donate to us over the next few weeks up to the fairly modest figure of £10 will be doubled in multiples of £10. So if you give us £10, we get £20, but also if five of you each give us £2, we'll also get £20. This is a brilliant way for you to give what would be a very modest sum for you individually to support us, which can have up to double the value. So please, however small a sum you can manage, do please consider if you can help us. If you'd like to see StAnza continue to deliver our festivals as we've been doing now for almost twenty years, please do give us a little help, especially over the next few weeks when it will be double value. Thanking you in anticipation!  And here's that link again: