Mark Russell

Mark Russell’s first full collection Spearmint & Rescue appeared with Pindrop Press in 2016. He has published two chapbooks with Red Ceilings Press: ا (the book of seals), which was published in 2016, and Saturday Morning Pictures (2015). He also published ℵ (the book of moose) with Kattywompus Press in 2016, and Pursued by Well-being (tall lighthouse, 2013). He has previously been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize. A playwright as well as a poet, his plays have been performed in Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.

Photo: Ruth Ramsay


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Showcase: Claire Quigley, Mark Russell, Juana Adcock, Jane Bonnyman

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Here’s Ginger for disguising
Mercury for slow rising

Turn the sod clockwise in June
There's Lemon in it for you

Take a charm of Yellow-Feet for your pains
A teaspoon of Venice-in-Chains

Draw Spiders from the tap
Their Juice their Fluff their Alphabet

Here’s Myrtle and some Lady’s Smock
Thirteen rubbings of Moon and Elk

Here's Lion’s Tooth for the wind
Cataclysm for the rain

Count each Number in the tide
Close your Eyes till it arrives

Here’s Spearmint for your tortures
Here’s Rescue for your heart


Mark Russell

From Spearmint & Rescue (Pindrop Press, 2016)