Michael Grieve

Michael Grieve lives in his native Fife. He was shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award in 2020 and his pamphlet Luck is published by HappenStance Press. Other poems have appeared in Magma, Perverse, and The Scores, as well as Chinese Makars, a Sino-Scots translation project organised by the University of St Andrews. A former bookseller at Topping & Company, he is currently training to be an English teacher. He exists online as www.michael-grieve.com.

Michael Grieve

Photo: A Leverton


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July 20th 1969,
we crowded in each other’s homes to see
what was, so we were told, our giant leap,
and whether that small future would endure
and make us change our lives, I’m not so sure,
though its oracles were crackling through the line:

a signal of white noise; a tranquil sea;
a marble eye that sees a marble’s worth;
and gazing through the vapours of the earth,
a god who slowly blinks, and falls asleep.