Events - Festival 2020

Breakfast at the Poetry Café: Body of Poetry

Saturday 5 March, 10:00 - 11:00
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street - Studio Theatre

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With Justin Stephenson, S.J. Fowler, Aase Berg, Clare Best, Andrew McMillan

Wake up and smell the Poetry Café! Our breakfast panel discussion events offer a relaxed start to the day with a group of poets and other festival participants over coffee and pastries. For this year’s Body of Poetry theme we bring together poets who write about the physical body with others who see it more figuratively. S.J. Fowler is a poet, artist, curator and vanguardist interested in collaborative poetry. Justin Stephenson is a Canadian film-maker whose recent project The Complete Works is a study of the concrete poet bpnicol. Clare Best’s Self-portrait without Breasts is inspired by her own journey through an elective double mastectomy. Aase Berg’s collection Transfer Fat has been described as bringing together the body and the body politic. Physical is Andrew McMillan’s prize-winning first collection.

Supported by Fisher & Donaldson, Canada Council for the Arts and The Scotsman

Aase Berg: (c) Elisabeth Ohlson-Wallin
Clare Best: (c) Derek Adams
S.J. Fowler: Alexander Kell
Andrew McMillan: Innes Morrison


The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Studio Theatre

Location: At the top of Abbey Street off the east end of South Street. Also accessible from the Byre Close off South Street

Includes: Auditorium, Studio Theatre, Conference Room, foyers, Café Bar &...