Events - Festival 2019

The Remedies

Thursday 2 March, 11:00 - Sunday 5 March, 17:00
The Preservation Trust Museum, North Street - The Old Chemist’s Shop

Where better than the Old Chemist’s Shop for a poetic response to Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies from Katharine Towers

Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies suggest that different plants and flowers have the ability to correct emotional imbalances and remove negative emotions. In this exhibition, featuring poems from her latest collection Remedies, Katharine Towers responds to the herbal remedies. Her poems, which imagine each healing plant to be afflicted with the difficulty for which it is a cure, marry accurate botany with the plant’s imagined distress.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with St Andrews Preservation Trust and supported by Bach Original Flower Remedies

Participants: Katharine Towers
Katharine Towers: John Beatty


The Old Chemist’s Shop – The Preservation Trust Museum, North Street

Photo: Jiye Lee

Location: On the north side of the eastern end of North Street, next to The Castle Tavern

This venue is an 18th century Scottish town house which was restored in Arts & Crafts style in the early part of...