Events - Festival 2021

Turning the Elements

Sunday 6 March, 17:00 - 18:00
Byre Theatre, Abbey Street - Studio Theatre

A performance for voice and clarinet of new settings for poetry by two contemporary Scottish poets

A thrilling new artistic collaboration forms the core of this lyrical performance exploring the theme of nature and our place within it. Composers Rebecca Rowe and Stuart Murray Mitchell were commissioned to produce two trios of settings for new poetry from award-winning Scottish poets Jane McKie and Stewart Sanderson. The outcome of the collaboration is performed by soprano Frances Cooper and clarinetist Joanna Nicholson. The works completing the programme include old and new arrangements of British folk song, and the pastoral music of Vaughan Williams, which highlight the interplay between voice and clarinet to great effect, particularly in a resonant acoustic.

Participants: Frances Cooper and Joanna Nicholson


Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Studio Theatre

Location: At the top of Abbey Street off the east end of South Street. Also accessible from the Byre Close, off South Street.

Includes: Auditorium, Studio Theatre, Conference Room, foyers, Café Bar &...